We pride ourselves on providing world-class training for affordable termly fees.

Read more about the additional financial support we offer below. 


AMOUNT: Up to 100% of fees covered.

AUDITION DATE: July each year.

OPEN TO: All performers aged 7-19. This includes both current students and new applicants.

CRITERIA: There is no set criteria for this scholarship; all applicants will go through a singing and dance call and have a short interview with the panel. Mostly we're looking for dedication to performing arts and the potential to thrive and excel in this industry.


AMOUNT: Up to 100% of fees covered.

AUDITION DATE: January 2022

OPEN TO: All performers aged 14 and under, who do not currently train at Spirit YPC.

CRITERIA: This scholarship is for a performer aged 14 or under who displays exceptional talent, commitment, and a financial need.


OPEN TO: Any performer currently training at Spirit YPC can access low income support if they are from a household with an income of £30,000 or less. 

Furthermore, any performer currently training at Spirit YPC can sign up for our monthly instalment plan should they feel this to be of benefit.

Our scholarships are part-funded through generous donations. 

Do you have a passion for theatre?

Would you like to help a gifted young performer access the training they need to excel?

Donations can be made through our Patreon Page, and 100% of these donations go to performers who would not otherwise have the financial means to train at a professional level.

Not only that, but Spirit will DOUBLE any donation made.

This all makes an enormous difference in helping exceptional young talent begin their path to a career in the industry.

Harry Tunningley - Scholarship Recipient

Previous Scholarship recipients, Harry and Billy, who now train together at Arts Ed, Londo

"Training with Spirit was a career-defining moment in my life. I was given unique opportunities left right and centre, allowed the chance to train with top end creatives, and met friends for life"

- Harry Tunningley, Scholarship Recipient