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  • Do you offer scholarships or financial support?
    Yes! You can find out more about that here.
  • I'm performing professionally. Can I still train with Spirit?
    Yes! We do all we can to support students who are also involved in professional performing contracts. This includes freezing fees for weeks that are missed due to professional work, and making sure students are suitably caught up during the weeks that they are back in class.
  • Does Spirit act as a talent agency?
    No, but we are connected with some of the UK's best talent agencies and will often secure representation for our students that need it. The reason we don't run an agency ourselves is so that our students have the freedom to be represented by whatever agency best suits their needs in the industry, without that creating a conflict of interest within the studio. Within the Spirit team, training and improvement is the sole focus for both students and faculty.
  • I live outside of London. Can I still attend?
    Absolutely! Most of the Spirit team travel into London from all over the country and beyond. If you are able to make the journey and be committed to your training, we don't mind where you are from.
  • I want to train more in DANCE. How do I do that?
    All of our Musical Theatre training includes dance, but if you'd like to sink your teeth into more specific and technical disciplines, our DANCE COMPANY is the place for you. Dance Company students train on Saturdays and cover subjects such as commercial, jazz, contemporary, conditioning, ballet, acrobatics and more. They also boast an award-winning dance competition team. For more information head to the Dance Company side of the website here.
  • What are Spirit's values?
    We exist to help passionate performers reach their full potential, in an environment that is both professional and family-like. By providing a program that is is supportive and joyful, we encourage our students to become fearless, independent and multi-disciplinary artists. All of this is done with mindfulness towards student's mental health and wellbeing, with extreme importance placed upon team-work, kindness and camaraderie. We help our students to thrive and thrive together.
  • What's the commitment period for weekly classes?
    We hope to train our performers all the way into their adult careers, but performers are only committed to one term at a time. If for any reason the performer is unable to return the following term, we require written notice 3 weeks before the new term commences.
  • Are there additional opportunities beyond weekly training?
    Absolutely. We're proud to offer exciting performance opportunities throughout the year. In the past this has included slots in all-star lineups (like West End Live), world-renowned stages (the Royal Albert Hall, 02 Arena), on television (Disney Plus, ITV), radio (Magic Radio) and so much more. We're also proud to perform at national charity events (Children in Need, Save the Children), plus produce our own full-length stage production every other year. Not only that, but all our Weekly Students will take part in at least one professionally filmed production each year, released to our YouTube Channel which has attracted over 100 million viewers. Our performers will have the chance to be part of an innovative production created just for them, and learn the ropes of vocal recording and being on a professional set. Some of our video productions have even been shared by West End and Broadway shows, such as Come From Away and Hamilton!
  • What's the difference between Elite and Pre-Elite Musical Theatre training?
    Pre-Elite students are selected through competitive audition process. These students train every week amongst like-minded peers who share their passion for performance. The training includes singing, acting, dance and integrated triple-threat training. Students will be promoted to the Elite Teams when our faculty feel they are ready to take this next step into a faster-paced and more demanding setting. Our Elite students experience the same training, but at the standards expected in the professional industry. In some rarer cases, students are fast-tracked through to the elite teams straight out of their audition.
  • What singing groups do you have on offer?
    For performers just looking to sing, we have two potential singing group options: Our choir train for 2 hours every Saturday. They mostly deal with Musical Theatre work, and will learn ensemble singing, vocal technique, complex harmony work, recording skills, acting through song and more. Our singing troupe train for 1.5 hours every Sunday. This is a team of exceptional vocalists aged 14+ who are encouraged to take ownership over the creation of original arrangements and musical work. You will see them attracting millions of viewers across Tik Tok and other platforms; a testament to their skill and collective creativity.
  • Do you offer trial sessions?
    Yes. If a performer successfully auditions for a placement in the company then their first week is a trial, before making the official commitment to the team thereafter.
  • What opportunities are there for dancers?
    Dance is included in the weekly musical theatre training and includes technique work, audition prep, pick-up skills and learning choreography from West End and Broadway. If you're looking for more dance training, check out our DANCE COMPANY. Dance Company members train weekly in commercial, contemporary, ballet, jazz, conditioning, acrobatics and more, as well as offer a National Competition Team opportunity. Re-direct to our Dance Company website here.
  • Where and when do weekly classes run?
    Where Our classes run in state-of-the-art studios in Central London, a short walk from Angel Tube Station. When Classes take place on every Saturday or Sunday. The day depends on the team the performer is a part of. Students train for anything from 2-5 hours, again depending on their team placement. A student's team placement is decided by the faculty, through a very careful consideration process based on the faculty's expertise of the industry, and understanding of where the student will best excel.
  • Am I good enough to join?
    Whether you're a seasoned young West End professional, or relatively new to the world of musical theatre, it is absolutely worth attending our auditions and trying out for us. You might be a triple-threat, or you might only have experience in one discipline so far. Whatever your situation it's worth giving it a go, because we have different teams on offer for varying levels of experience. If you have the potential to thrive in one of those teams, we will spot it. ​
  • How many students in each class?
    We keep our Musical Theatre teams purposefully small to guarantee that all students are receiving one-to-one attention, guidance and mentorship. Groups do not exceed 20 students. MT Teams will vary in size depending on the requirements of entry. We are extremely specific and careful about placing students in the right group, to ensure they're getting the training they need at the level that will help them excel.
  • Do you offer trials?
    The audition for the MT Associates program also serves as a trial session for the real program. At the audition you will work with the same faculty members as you would in the program, and take the same kind of classes. This therefore works as a taster session for what you would experience as an official member of the company.
  • Where does MT Associates training take place?
    The Associates Programme takes place in state-of-the-art studios in London, just a short walk from the tube and within 15 minutes of major train stations such as Kings Cross, Waterloo and Euston. This is to enable students to join from all across the country, without adding lengthy travel times onto their main journey.
  • What times does the Associates training take place?
    The training takes place on the first Sunday of every month, from 12pm-6pm.
  • What's the commitment period for the Associates Program?
    We hope to continue training performers right into their adult careers, but we understand that flexibility is important right now. With that in mind, students have the option of 3 different membership options for the Associates Program: a commitment to one year at a time, a commitment to 6 months at a time, or a 'cancel any time' membership. Monthly fees are reduced the longer the commitment, but it is entirely the student's decision as to which membership option they choose.
  • Do I have to do the ballet class?
    Believe it or not, all of the top Musical Colleges in London include ballet as a part of their training programmes. Therefore we have all attendees - whether on the MT or Dance Track - take two ballet classes during the week. You do not need to have prior ballet experience; we will put you in the right class dependent on your level and experience in that discipline.
  • How do I add on private classes / vocal reels / recordings etc?
    You can book additional opportunities such as private lessons, vocal reels and more HERE. These private sessions are guaranteed to get fully booked and are offered on a first-come-first-served basis, so do not miss out!
  • How many performers attend the Summer Workshop?
    We do not pack performers in by their hundreds! Groups are always restricted to a maximum of 30 performers each, to guarantee intensive training and personal attention. There are also additional training options that include private one-to-one classes and opportunities.
  • Do I have to audition for the Summer Intensive?
    No, we do not run auditions for our holiday intensives. The performers who join us in holidays are generally high-level performers who train regularly in performing arts and take their craft very seriously. Classes are streamed by age and ability to ensure everyone is getting the most out of the course.
  • Where/when does the Summer Intensive take place?
    WHERE In state-of-the-art studios in London, UK. A short walk from Angel Tube Station, and easily accessible from all major train stations. WHEN Monday 1st August - Friday 5th August 2022. 9am - 5pm each day.
  • Am I the right standard to train with Spirit over the Summer?
    Our Half Term and Summer Intensives are open to performers who have a true passion and commitment to performing arts. Performers will be streamed by age and ability so as to ensure that everyone is getting what they need from the workshop, and learning alongside like-minded peers at the same level.
  • What's the difference between the Musical Theatre Track and the Dance Track?
    Performers in each track receive triple-threat training in acting, singing, dance and audition preparation. The difference is that those on the Dance Track will spend one of the days expanding upon their dance training; taking contemporary, jazz and commercial classes from Dance World Leaders, such as Adam Scott and Josie Lee!
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